Monday, February 13, 2012

Nice Looking Antique Toilets

Even though antique toilets may not be something that are appealing to a lot of people, they are in fact a window on the past, and some of them can be very ornate and nice looking, being part of the decor, and not only for utilitarian purposes, as you'll see below.

This first toilet was built by T. R. & Co. in 1902. The tank is made of oak with that finely embossed finish on the toilet.

Next is this really nice toilet from the medieval period. I don't have an exact, or even close date on this, but it had to have been a toilet from a noble's home or possibly royalty. It's far too nice for a commoner of that period.

There are so many varieties of antique toilets out there that it would be impossible to show even a tiny portion of them. In this article I just wanted to include a couple vintage toilets which were designed with idea of being an addition to the decor of the room it was in.

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