Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fantastic Folk Art Antiques

Folk art is a wildly popular collectible genre, which encompasses a wide variety of items and mediums. It's almost impossible to describe because of the expansive number of way people express themselves across an infinite number of interesting areas.

One way of characterizing folk art is in its purpose. Usually folk art isn't primarily made for aesthetic purposes, but rather to be something that is also useful.

That's not to say there isn't aestheticism involved, as there are many artisans that have painted and sculpted with beauty in involved, even though the choice of materials used can be very unique.

Personally, I don't like modern artists who simply create a "folksy" type of art as simply another art form. Real folk art is spontaneous and reflects something of the culture and people making it.

Here are several pieces of folk art in photos to show disparate the creativity among
these artists can be.

Beaded Folk Art Chair

I wanted to start off with this beaded folk art chair to show how skillful and dedicated an artisan in the genre can be.

It's a magnificent work that really would be an awesome addition to any antique collection. The colors are vibrant and beading and detail very ornate.

Rooster Made from Metal Sign
Next we have this metal folk art rooster made from a metal sign. How cool is that?

This is what makes folk art so indescribable and compelling. You have someone design a fantastic rooster from a piece of metal from an earlier period of time.

The colors of the body of the rooster are terrific, as is the darkened area by the head and tail.

Folk Art Lamp and Base

Finally we have this gorgeous handmade lamp and base, made of mortered stones.

Notice the very shiny varnish finish over the entirety of the lamp.

The design is exquisitely ornate, and would look fantastic in many interior design schemes.

Well there you have a brief look at some fantastic pieces of folk art, confirming why it continues to be one of the more collectible antique items out there. This is why I continue to collect these extraordinary, one of a kind pieces.

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