Monday, September 3, 2012

Antique, Vintage Christmas Postcards from 1909

In the year 1909 Christmas was as beloved a holiday as it is today, with postcards being among the more popular ways to send greetings to family and friends.

To that end we've included several Christmas postcards from that year to give a glimpse into the variety of ways the holiday theme was expressed through art created to be shared with others.

In this first Christmas postcard from 1909 we have a couple of winged angels appearing as children. The soft colors are magnificent, as is the inclusion of what appears to be the star that led the wise men to find Jesus long ago.

I also like the tree and uneven fence on the left.

Next we have a mother and daughter working together to create a dish to include in the Christmas meal.

These are such terrific snapshots of the era, including the way people dressed at the time, as well as the hairstyles and types of kitchen utensils and tools used to make the various parts of the Christmas meal.

Also interesting is the table and the way the dishes and other things are displayed on the shelf.

Finally we have this wonderful depiction of Santa delivering his big bag of gifts via a dirigible. Seeing what is in the gift bag is a nice look at what was popular and desired at the time.

The way the basket is attached to the dirigible via the vines is very cool looking, as it the basket itself.

Hopefully you enjoyed this brief look at the way Christmas greetings were expressed over 100 years ago. Without meaning to, the artists also give us a wonderful glimpse into the way life was lived during that period of time, and how people viewed this wonderful time of the year.

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