Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage Knitting Advertising

Any type of vintage advertising gives up a snapshot into the past, and that's very true concerning vintage knitting advertising, which is fun to see, because of the focus and in some cases, new contraptions made to help the prospective knitter.

It's fun to see this Nomotta ad for yarn, selling itself on the premise that a "little bit of yourself goes into everything you knit." Having a mom and daughter dresses alike with the knitted hair is a humorous touch.

This 'Knitting Jenny' ad is great. It was a precursor to modern marketing, and is fascinating in how it uses, back then, the same techniques to sell their product. Not only that, the product is very cool, and I'm sure it was a very compelling product for moms to acquire for their daughters. Anyone remember it?

In this final piece of vintage knitting advertising, we see this image of a mom and her daughter dancing in joy over the apparent ease of use of the "Hero" measure knit, which included a ruler on the knitting needle to make it easier to use. Fun and creative stuff for the day.

This was an enjoyable look for me at past knitting advertising. I'm sure you got a chuckle out of it and memories of times you had in the past when you started your own creative streak.

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