Thursday, February 9, 2012

Vintage Valentine's Cards | Hearts, Flowers, Umbrellas

Vintage Valentine's Day cards, or at least cards designed with that vintage look, still are the most compelling to me, as long as they are true to the period.

Probably my favorite part of the genre is the innocence and wholesomeness included in most of these old cards, as well as the way the people of the bygone era dressed. For me, it's just as enjoyable seeing either or both.

In this first Valentine's card, it shows a Victorian couple surrounded by flowers, with the simple message: "To My Valentine." That look they're giving each other says it all!

Another aspect of classic Valentine's cards were the inclusion of umbrellas and a heartfelt poem. Here we have hearts raining as the woman says a prayer to St. Valentine for the man in her life.

Finally we have this wonderful image of what appears to be some extra Cupids pouring out hearts out of a horn upon the woman. It's beautiful how she has her dress out catching the hearts. The roses on the side are a very nice touch as well.

As you can see, vintage Valentine's cards are fantastic pieces of art, and show when it comes to love between a man and a woman, it never goes out of style.

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