Friday, January 21, 2011

Vintage Valentine Cards

I'll always be fascinated by vintage cards of any sort, as there seems to be a timelessness about them which not only reminds you of days gone by, but of a time you wish would return, in its simplicity and innocence. Here's a look a number of Valentine postcards and cards to remind us of these wonderful times, and time in our lives.

The Valentines card and postcards speak for themselves.

I really like the vintage Valentine postcards right above and right below. Mostly it's because of the wonderful vintage clothing and hats the women of that day wore. It gives a snapshot of that period of time, along with the timeless expression of love toward their man.

What I really like about these vintage, antique Valentine cards is the wholesomeness and winsomeness associated with them. None of the snarky, edgy stuff you see today; just a sincere expression of how a person felt for the other.

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