Friday, August 20, 2010

Vintage, Collectible Coca Cola Ad Posters

Ad posters from Coca Cola over the last 70 years or so were fantastic, and there's little doubt when you glance at one that it was made by Coca Cola, as it has that unique look we've all come to recognize.

They are a piece of history for sure, and reminds us of much simpler, innocent and desirable times.
Another important part of the Coca Cola advertising is you always recognize it's Americana; it wasn't something overtly done, but done out of who we were as a people. You still feel the sense of who we were and are as Americans, or if you're not an American, who we were, but to a lesser extent today, who we are.

That America has gone, at least for many people, although there is a significant number who cling to what we were and represented at the time.

As far as the art work, it worked well with the characters and props associated with it, while Coco Cola was viewed and included as one of the joys of life that accompanied who we were.

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