Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vintage Tattoos | Classic Cars

Vintage Tattoos of Classic Cars

When I saw these vintage tattoos of classic cars, I had to include them, as they were really captured well, and the artwork and color unveils the time capsule these cars always will exist in.

To me the sun and the skull take away from the classic car tattoos, and I would have rather had them out of the picture, which makes me think they may have been inked before the idea of the classic car tattoos were thought of, and so had to be worked around rather than removed; which is very expensive to do.

But as far as the classic car tattoos go, they are fantastic, and the tattoo designer and artist did a great job in showing how they looked and capturing their essence in that time capsule.

Click on the image to get a real good look at the classic car tattoos, as they enlarge nicely to see much more clearly.

Vintage Tattoos of Classic Cars

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