Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Collectible Bottles | Cobalt Blue Bottles

Collectible Bottles

The deep blue of the cobalt blue bottles attracts many bottle collectors to them, and for good reason: they look fantastic.

In this photo of these two cobalt blue bottles, the one on the left is labeled "Bromo-Seltzer Emerson Drug Co Baltimore, MD (in capital letters), while the one on the right wasn't identified.

Of course the Bromo-Seltzer bottle is collectible from more than one sector of collectors.

But even if you just want something to look great in your home the cobalt blue bottle is an extraordinary piece to add to your decor.

This is why collecting bottles are so fun and desirable; they have many uses and are very profitable if you want to sell them. Cobalt blue collectible bottles are among the most beautiful and desirable.

Collectible Bottles

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