Monday, August 24, 2009

Classic Film Posters | 1931 Dracula

Classic Film Posters

Classic film posters are always in high demand, and there are less and less of them available as time goes on, which even drives more interest in them in hopes of being able to obtain a rare glimpse at film history past.

This film poster from 1931 Dracula is a highly desired poster, and from the detail and look you can see why.

Like most film posters, including classic film, you have mulitple collectible groups vying to get them. From the Dracula poster you have horror fans in general, Dracula fans, film fans, Bela Lugosi fan and vampire fans, among others.

So any one of those from these genre interests would love to get a hold of this classic 1931 Dracula film poster and showcase it as part of their collection.

Classic Film Posters

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