Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vintage Fashion | Grey Woman's Outfit

Vintage Fashion

This is really a vintage woman's fashion outfit, and not only are the clothes themselves collectible, but the piece showing the clothing as well.

While looking somewhat drab because of the dull, grey color, I still like the fit of this vintage clothing, and if nothing else, that red hat saves the day for her.

And those white gloves look cute on her, and also help rescue the day.

I wouldn't be surprised though to see something like this be a hit today, as vintage fashion is always hot, and no matter what happens, it always comes back into style.

Vintage Fashion

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  1. A fine suit...and made in AMERICA (as opposed to Sri Lanka, Bangledesh, or China) Great lines, feminine, and I wish to high heaven they'd bring back this kind of craftmanship today. B.